One-to-One Support to Get You Writing



Whether it’s fiction, scriptwriting, blogging or journalism –

we’re all telling stories, one way or another.

And we all hit blocks at times, for various reasons …

Sometimes getting your bum on the seat is the hardest thing of all! If you need –

Encouragement and confidence

Advice on getting started

Help with planning and making time for your project

Ways to deal with Procrastination

Or if you think you’d just like a mentor to advise and cheer you on throughout the process …

Talk to me. Tell me what you need most, and we can work out how to get you moving forward.
I have a (limited) number of free calls every month, if you’d like to find out more before diving in.
Book in now – I’d love to know how I can help you.

And for Scriptwriting advice and one-to-ones, click here

Introductory Call (15 minutes)

To assess which areas you’d most like help with, whether it’s finding time,
procrastination, needing a confidence boost, or ideas to get you started.
Whatever is holding you back, you’ll find ways to stop stalling or
doubting yourself  – and start writing.

Writing Boost (30 minutes)

Once we’ve identified what would help you most, I can put together
a plan to get you writing happily and confidently. You’ll come away with
a set of tools to help you deal with your writing demons, whether it’s
practical strategies for planning time, or ways to boost your mindset.
I’ll also give you some writing exercises that will get you started straight
away – and feedback on your ideas. I’ll follow up with email support
to see how you’re getting on.

Writing Support (1hour)

A more in-depth support programme, with a series of exercises and
worksheets to help keep you motivated and focused, and email back-up
once the call’s ended. In this session we’ll work out what’s really holding
you back and plan a really solid strategy to get your writing on track – and staying there!