One-to-One Support



Support with writing your script, whatever stage you’re at –

even if you’ve only just started thinking about it …


How can I help you?

Have you hit a block?

Do you need help to find a way through a story problem?

Are you unsure about Scriptwriting, as it’s a new medium? 

Is there a technical problem you need answers on?

Or do you just think you’d like a mentor to advise and cheer you on throughout the process?


Talk to me. Tell me what you need most, and we can work out how to get you moving forward.
I have a (limited) number of free calls every month, if you’d like to find out more before diving in.
Book in now – I’d love to know how I can help you.

Introductory Call (15 minutes)

Got a specific script-related problem? Whether it’s technical, story-based,
or if you just want to find out more about scriptwriter mentoring, book in a call.

Scriptwriting Quick Start (30 minutes)

If you’re interested in exploring Scriptwriting (maybe you’ve already written in other genres,
but this is a new direction for you) this is a chance to talk about your ideas from a
screenwriter’s point of view, giving you practical advice and writing exercises to get you started.
This session is also recommended for writers who have started out on a screenplay but
have stalled and need a few tools with which to start moving forward again.

If you already have a script in progress, I’ll read the first
ten pages and give you feedback 
during the call.

Scriptwriting In-Depth (1 hour)

If you have the idea in your head but aren’t sure how to approach it – and I’m very
familiar with that muddled sense of overwhelm in your head! – this extended session
will give you a clear way forward. I’ll help you to identify the core of your idea,
what really makes you want to write it, and to shape the story and
characters – plus we can work out a plan for the practicalities of writing it.

If you have a project that you’re developing, this is where we can really start to
get into it and make some speedy progress. I’ll read 30 pages and give you
in-depth analysis, looking at themes, story structure, character and dialogue.
We can talk through where it’s going, where the problems
might lie, and how to move forward.

Ongoing Support (3 x 1 hour)

Three sessions that will give you both encouragement and
editorial input into your script as you work through it. You’ll get expert
analysis, and someone to talk to and check-in with during what can be a
lonesome process. Before each call I’ll read what you’ve got so far,
and we can discuss it in detail. In between, there’ll be email support and
a check-in once a week. From the initial idea (or opening scene) to
FADE OUT on the final page, I’ll have your back.