Rediscover the magic of writing – in just ten days!

A series of quick but stimulating exercises that will help you to make writing

something that you can fall in love with again.

Do you have a deep desire to write but doubt yourself?

Have you started but never quite finished a writing project?

Have you made up at least 100 reasons as to why it’s not the right time?

Do you long to make the leap from “If only  … maybe someday” to “I’ve NAILED it”?

We all make excuses. There’s not enough time, or money, or we have too many other commitments. But the truth is, WRITING IS SELF CARE. It’s not an indulgence – it feeds your soul. It’s what gives us the wherewithal to achieve the more mundane chores, as we let our dreams roam free. When we spend time writing, we come back fulfilled, refreshed and uplifted.

I’ll help you to rediscover that magic.


I’m Abigail Webber. I’m a writing mentor and editor, and I work with aspiring writers to overcome their blocks and get their words out to the world. I’m also a writer who spent years struggling with self-doubt, and found ways to break through it – tools, and strategies, and mindset that I want to share with you! By the end of this short programme, you’ll have a wealth of new ideas to develop. You’ll have started to form the habit of writing again – and given yourself the gift of putting your creativity first.  Instead of making excuses, you’ll be taking it seriously, and feeling truly committed. Remember when writing used to be fun and exciting – and often all that mattered? You’ll be back on that track in just ten days.

It’s time to shrug off self-doubt, #FuckTheLaundry and whatever else is standing in your way.

Time to dive into a world where anything can happen.    

For just £14, you can follow a ten day creative course that will get you writing every day. Each exercise is only fifteen minutes long – but that’s fifteen precious minutes spent in your creative mind, and it’s just the beginning! Where will you go from there?

The possibilities really are limitless.


What’s included?

* a series of exercises allowing you to fire up your imagination on a daily basis

* a variety of short tasks that you can complete at home, or out and about

* support for your mindset, encouraging you to take these steps with confidence

* support for your writing and a place to share your ideas, if you choose to

You’ll come away with a sheaf of new ideas to explore and develop. You’ll have a more positive, ‘I can do it!’ mindset. And a set of tools to use when you need a nudge.

Banish your demons.
Flex your writing muscles.

Be the writer you’ve always wanted to be.



Whilst there are exercises for both fiction and non-fictions writers in this series, the emphasis is on firing the imagination and sparking creative ideas. Whatever it is you want to write, you will gain confidence in your abilities and find a range of different ways to open the door to your writing mind.