Kickstart your scriptwriting journey by creating
a short film script in six easy stages

A short, fun programme that will get you writing, laying out your script
professionally, thinking visually and finding creative ways with dialogue.









Are you someone who has always wondered about writing a script, but not been sure where to start? Maybe you’re already writing, or have written, fiction, but the world of screenwriting feels different, less easy to dive into? Or perhaps you’ve had a go at writing a script, but it was a while ago and you’d like to get back into it?

Let me reassure you – scriptwriting isn’t any harder than any other type of writing. I actually find it easier! But we all need help getting started, so this short programme is designed to make it as easy AND FUN as possible.


The Six Steps to a Short Script programme is a series of simple exercises that will give you a brief but clear introduction to the world of scriptwriting, and by the end of it you’ll have a completed short film. So much of writing is about striving to reach that end point – with this short course you can achieve a completed project in just a few days. Yes, it will be short, but yes, it will be finished!


What’s included?

– Script formatting explained and made easy

– Creating strong characters and setting the scene

– Structuring a dynamic story

– Thinking visually and using the tools of screenwriting

– Support along the way and all your questions answered

This is a guided course, with specific suggestions for jumping off points for your story.
There is plenty of scope for more experienced writers to develop their own ideas within this framework,
but it is primarily aimed at those who are new to scriptwriting.