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Time to make your writing dreams a REALITY.

Welcome, my friend. I’m Abigail Webber, and I’m a Writing Coach, Script Consultant and Editor with a ton of both teaching experience and industry expertise. I’ve worked in Film and Television, as a script editor, development executive and commissioner. And I’m a Lecturer in Scriptwriting and Film & Television Studies at the University of Northampton.

What I care about most is getting people writing. Too many of us hold back on our dreams, letting life get in the way and excuses pile up. If you’ve always wanted to write – in any format – I am here to give you that nudge, that support, that belief that you can do it. And a whole bunch of practical tools as well.  I work with writers at any stage in their story process, from those who are just starting out, to professionals needing an edit or a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ (see the Script Feedback section). So please, have a wander around. There are tools and resources for all writers here. If you’re specifically interested in writing for the screen, follow the Scriptwriting link below. If your interests are more general (blogging, fiction, journalism .. ) follow The Courage to Write route. If you’d like to chat, please join the Scripts & Stories Facebook Group. Or ping me an email. You can also book a free introductory call to find out more. I’m really excited that you’re here and I can’t wait to start working with you!


    The Courage to Write and the Scriptwriting Courses are supported by a wealth of resources to give you inspiration and ideas to work on – as well as ways to bust through your blocks and feel happy and confident about your writing. Join the Facebook group to be part of a community of writers and scriptwriters, all coming together to step into their writing dreams. IT’S CALLED SCRIPTS & STORIES. Because it’s not just about the stories we want to tell, but the ones that have been holding us back – and it’s time to leave them behind.  


Mini writing retreats – a chance to get away from distraction and just WRITE.

It’s a brilliant creative spur – and a lovely way to meet local fellow writers.

We’re based in Berkhamsted, Herts, so if you’re in the vicinity (Bucks, Beds)

why not come along for a morning or afternoon?



I love this quote from Stephen King, whose thoughts on writing always strike a chord with me. Taking that first step is really intimidating sometimes. And opening lines are so important, we're always - quite correctly - told. Here's what he says about his process:...

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A Room of One’s Own?

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In Celebration of Bridget Jones

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