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As well as writing courses and workshops, you can get plenty of feedback on your treatment or script. With over twenty years’ experience as a script editor and commissioner, I can help you make your writing as good as it can be – whether it’s a quick polish or a total overhaul you’re looking for.

Feedback ranges from as little as £25 (for an overview of your first ten pages) to full script editing and mentoring support. If you would like to talk to me about a specific project, or would just like more detailed information, then hit the button below to get in touch and we can have a chat.

I have loved working with Abbie on my screenplay. She encouraged me to push my ideas much further – and with more rigour – than I could have done on my own. I always left script meetings with a clear idea of where to go next with the draft, and her comments and nudges invariably helped move the script to a whole new level. She has a magical way of doing this without being overbearing and without trying to push her own agenda – it is all about the script and making it the best it can be. I particularly appreciated her talent of honing in on a small detail that she felt didn’t quite work, a little moment that most people would have skated over. Once this was tweaked, the script would often ring true in unexpected ways. Abbie is brilliant.

Emily Young

Writer and Director

The First Ten Pages

The impression you make with your opening ten pages is more important than anything else. This feedback gives you an overview of the impact they’re making, how the world is set up and the characters introduced.


A thorough analysis of your story outline, characters and your intentions for the project – where do you see it going, and how is it going to get to the right people?

1 hour TV Script

Analysis of your script from start to finish: characterisation, story structure, dialogue, pace. What’s working, and what could do with more attention. You’ll be ready for the next draft in less time than you think.

Feature Script
(125 pages)

As with the tv script notes, this will give you detailed analysis of and constructive feedback on your script from, examining the elements that are working well and those that could be improved.

Feature Script
(125+ pages)

Again, a comprehensive analysis of your script, providing detailed feedback on all aspects of the writing.  A fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective.

Draft to Draft
Notes and Script Meeting

A full set of script notes, a Skype meeting (or face to face, if you’re near London) a second draft read and summary notes. This is the most effective process to take you from one draft to the next.