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Having always wanted to write, I somehow drifted into editing and I’ve spent most of adult life doing that, working with writers and producers, and watching the results on page and screen. And I’ve loved every minute of it – I’ve worked in film, which took me to the Venice Film Festival, and television, where I was a script editor and then Commissioning Editor for Drama at Channel Five.

And yet it took me YEARS to actually find the courage to write something of my own.

I had twenty years’ experience in the film and television industry, but felt too intimidated to take the leap from editor to writer. I spent some time in journalism, writing reviews and features for The Stage, and with an early background in PR, I could write press releases and copy – but still nothing that was my own original idea. That was TOO scary.

I was completely stalled. Stuck. Blocked. Terrified.

After working for so long as an editor, I was really good at helping other people to work on their scripts, and I was in love with the whole process of writing for the screen. But all those years of editing, honing and deliberating over every word meant that my own creativity was too intimidated to come out. Before I’d written a sentence, that inner voice was saying ‘What a load of crap THAT is. What makes you think you can write? Give up. Give up NOW.’ And all that negative, self-censoring stuff… Anything I did write stayed in the bottom drawer of my desk, never to see the light of day.

Then I started a job lecturing in Scriptwriting at the University of Northampton. Teaching opened up a whole new world to me, of working with new writers, helping them to take the first steps into scriptwriting. Working with students who were completely new to the experience of writing for the screen, rather than seasoned professionals, I began to see how important those early stages were, and how to encourage and enable them to overcome their apprehensions. And I applied the same principles to my own writing. Three years later, it’s still a work in progress, but I have completed three full-length scripts! And believe me, the thrill of that achievement is HUGE. Now I’m branching out and writing a novel, too … I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest process, because getting my bum on the seat and believing I can do it is still the hardest part – but I have taken that leap and it has totally changed the way I feel about myself and my writing.

I have spent a lot of time overcoming my creative barriers, and now I want to help you to do it, too.

Procrastination, dealing with the Inner Critic … and actually allowing yourself to make your writing a priority – these can be huge obstacles to getting to where you want to be.  There’s a full Courage to Write course, which deals with all of these challenges and more, coming soon.

If you want to write a script, but have no idea where to start, I’ve created an online course in Screenwriting, which will take you through all the stages from initial idea to final draft and beyond.

You can also work with me – I’m an editor, teacher and coach and I’m here to help you with whatever it is you need to get writing.


Book in a 15-minute session to talk about YOUR writing, what might be holding you back,
and how I can help you to move forward.


Boy am I glad I stumbled across Abigail’s scriptwriting course! She took me from a total beginner in this scriptwriting world to working on my first screenplay, and with so many other ideas in my book that I can’t wait to work on. The course material is simple, incredibly written, full of value and she sprinkles some humour in too so it makes for such a fun experience to go through! To top it all off, she is an amazing woman, easy to talk to, kind and helpful, and always willing to help out every step of the way.  You rock, Abbie!

Bosibori Mainye

Nairobi, Kenya

On both a practical and an emotional level, Abigail is a pleasure to work with. She really cares about characters, and can shine a light of insight and experience on plot or structure problems that empowers the writer to strengthen a story from the inside out. Abigail takes the time to “get” where a script is coming from – and where it could go. And she is with you every step of the way.

Margaret Innes


I highly recommend this course! Abigail is so friendly and approachable; there is no fear of any question being too stupid to ask, and her teaching experience is very evident throughout. I loved the clear explanations, encouragement and guidance, and appreciated the down-to-earth explanations of industry jargon and formatting for people like me who have no education in this field and are just learning as they write. I feel I now have a great foundation to move forward with confidence in my writing.

Wendy Hartley

Artist, EarthMother Designs

I have loved working with Abbie on my screenplay. She encouraged me to push my ideas much further – and with more rigour – than I could have done on my own. I always left script meetings with a clear idea of where to go next with the draft, and her comments and nudges invariably helped move the script to a whole new level. She has a magical way of doing this without being overbearing and without trying to push her own agenda – it is all about the script and making it the best it can be. I particularly appreciated her talent of honing in on a small detail that she felt didn’t quite work, a little moment that most people would have skated over.
Once this was tweaked, the script would often ring true in unexpected ways. Abbie is brilliant.

Emily Young

Writer and Director