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“You can, you should, and if you’re
brave enough
to start, you will.”

― Stephen King, On Writing




Do you remember when writing used to be fun, thrilling, an escape from the humdrum into a world of sparkling possibility? But now there’s something holding you back: lack of confidence, uncertainty, endless procrastination, fear of failure … or just LIFE getting in the way.  I totally get it, because I’ve been there too.

I’m a writer, coach and mentor, and I work with people who want to reclaim their delight in writing; to find their way back to a creative life.

I’ve spent many years as an editor and teacher, helping established writers to improve their work, and new writers to get started. And all that time, I wanted to write myself, but felt stuck, blocked, afraid. I had an EVIL inner critic that successfully stopped me getting a single word down, and I was unhappy and frustrated as a result. But over time, I found ways to deal with these fears and blocks, and now I’m here to help you to do the same!

Life is busy and it’s hard to prioritise writing when it might feel like a bit of an indulgence, some selfish ‘me time’. But the truth is, it’s not an indulgence – it’s the pulsing heartbeat that sustains us, the nourishment that gives us the wherewithal to achieve the more mundane chores, and it’s what makes our souls tingle with imagination and wonder. When we spend time writing, we come back fulfilled, refreshed and uplifted – so why do we shut that down? Through The Courage to Write course, a ten-day quickstart challenge and regular mentoring and writing exercises, I can help you to rediscover that magic and make writing a joyful habit.

The world of writing is a magical one – let’s open that door … click here to find out more about The Courage to Write Course. 

With my practical, supportive and fear-busting tools, you’ll find everything you need to start writing happily and confidently again – whether your ‘thing’ is fiction, scriptwriting, blogging, or journalism, I’ll help you find your way back to the world of writing. 


After over twenty years in the film and television industry, Scriptwriting is my speciality, and there is a course solely dedicated to writing for the screen available here – but so many of the tips, tools and strategies that I’ve learned over the course of editing and teaching apply to any type of writing AT ALL that makes you nervous. I’ve used them over and over again, have written three screenplays and am now working on my first novel …

The Courage to Write and the Scriptwriting Course are supported by a wealth of resources to give you inspiration and ideas to work on – as well as ways to bust through your blocks and feel happy and confident about your writing. Join the Facebook group to be part of a community of writers and scriptwriters, all coming together to step into their writing dreams.



Dealing with Procrastination
Building Confidence
Making Writing a Priority
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Whether it’s editorial – a fresh pair of eyes on your writing –
or finding strategies and tools to build confidence, I love working one-to-one with writers.
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How to Format a Script
All About Story Structure
Building Great Characters
Writing Cracking Dialogue
Making it Visual
Editing and Sending it Out

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